Mercedes-AMG GT

The Mercedes-AMG GT is an all-new sportscar created totally in-house by AMG. Notwithstanding its SLS enlivened form, its not a direct swap for the gull-winged supercar. Rather the littler and less expensive GT has the Porsche 911, Jaguar F-Type R, Aston Martin Vantage and Audi R8 in its sights.

Controlled by another biturbo 4.0-liter V8 motor that drives the back wheels by means of a seven-rate double grip gearbox, the new Mercedes sports auto offers a decision of two variations with distinctive force yields - the 456bhp GT and the 503bhp GT S.
Mercedes-AMG GT
Mercedes-AMG GT
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With a top pace of 193mph, the GT S will hit 62mph in only 3.8 seconds, and accompanies an electronically controlled differential and AMG Ride Control three-stage damping. The GT gets a mechanical differential, yet will in any case hit 62mph in four seconds.

The more lavish AMG GT S touches base in the UK in April 2015 with the GT following in August. In addition, the first lucky managers will have the capacity to strive for the constrained release AMG GT Edition 1, which accompanies additional standard supplies and restrictive subtle elements like an expansive settled back wing and a carbon fiber front splitter, in addition to more unmistakable side skirts.

Our Pick:  Mercedes-AMG GT S


AMG's second games auto, the new GT is littler than the SLS Gullwing, however it holds the same front mid-motor, back wheel drive design. Intended to be what Mercedes portrays as "a contemporary games auto which encapsulates the soul of grand Mercedes sports autos of the past" the auto has a reasonable heredity once again to the brands most well known wearing models.

With the same long nose and squat extents, there's a clue of the SLS about the AMG GT's shape yet carefully streaming surfaces, guarantee the GT looks much more svelte than the cordial SLS.

The curved top streams easily into the wide yet sports tail, while at the front customary AMG cap vents and latticework side vents, abandon you in undoubtedly as to the potential under the hood.
Mercedes-AMG GT
Mercedes-AMG GT
 Clients can browse a scope of carbon or chrome outside specifying bundles, however even in its most fundamental structure, the GT has the head-turning engage rival the world's most attractive games autos.

The feeling of event proceeds inside where the driver-centered lodge makes a solid impression. Tucked into the low-threw driver's seat, you're covered between the inward entryway boards and the colossal transmission burrow. In a nod to the V8 motor, this inside reassure has the eight catches laid out in a growing V arrangement - and it arrives in a decision of chrome, matt carbon, polished carbon, dark precious stone or matt silver completions.

The clearing dash offers a quartet of round air vents and Mercedes' fabulous tablet style screen. Controlled by the most recent COMAND framework with touch cushion and roller dial, the mapping is super clear and the sound; phone and settings usefulness is instinctive and simple to work. ­

As you'd expect in an auto with a six-figure sticker, the lodge is trimmed in upmarket materials, while all the switchgear is top notch. A beautiful Alcantera trimmed level bottomed wheel completes off the staggering lodge, and in the event that you've got the stores, there's tremendous degree for personilised cowhides and top of the line alternatives.


One take a gander at the tempting detail of the AMG GT is sufficient to get you amped up for the driving background. An aluminum undercarriage, a 4.0-liter V8 with dry-sump oil and twin-turbochargers, a seven-rate double grip gearbox, twofold wishbone suspension and a low middle of gravity – it has all the best games auto fixings.

Sat low in the auto, the driving position is great, and when you press the starter catch on the transmission burrow, the all-new 4.0-liter V8 burbles into a smooth unmoving. The alluring tailpipe commotion that contributes more than its fair share over 3,000rpm -particularly with the standard games fumes initiated.

With 650nm of torque accessible as low as 1,750rpm, the 503bhp GT S feels immediately responsive, yet top force doesn't land until 6,250rpm – so there's execution on offer all through the rev range. The double grip gearbox moves consistently, and there's a decent blip on the downshift.

Mounted low in the frame and behind the front pivot; the motor's minimal bundling helps convey a low-middle of gravity and amazing weight dispersion. Subsequently, the GT S feels more honed and more dynamic than past AMG models. From in the driver's seat, the GT feels planted to the street and exceptionally steady.
Mercedes-AMG GT
Mercedes-AMG GT
 Body control is astounding, and for a front-motor back wheel drive auto, footing and mechanical hold are thrilling. The wriggling and writhing movements you expect as the back hub endeavors to put the shut down and the suspension trys to control move and pitch are simply not there – the GT is amazingly created.

The variable proportion guiding is light and quick, however failing to offer the last rate of feel you'll discover in a Porsche 911, you have to trust that the front-end nibble is there instead of feel it. Yet, the AMG's taking care of levelheadedness and hold implies you'll require the opportunity of a track to draw near its points of confinement.

Still, for all its tightness and grasp, the GT S remains an agreeable street auto. The suspension set up is simply the right half of excessively firm and, on smooth landing area with the dampers in Comfort Mode, the GT S rides tolerably enough to be agreeable. The wide tires produce some street clamor however general refinement is fabulous.


The GT is new starting from the earliest stage, yet its been subjected to thorough execution testing - so we wouldn't be excessively worried about unwavering quality. Particularly, as AMG's celebrated 'small time one motor' rule implies the 4.0-liter V8s are hand assembled to the strictest quality norms.

Over the auto, an assemblage of demonstrated Mercedes parts ought to further bond trust in its dependability, while Mercedes positioned ninth in our 2014 Driver Power overview, despite the fact that their merchants completed a disillusioni

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