Mercedes C-Class Estate

The Mercedes C-Class Estate is the more reasonable option to the C-Class Saloon. It clashes to with autos like the Audi A4 Avant and BMW 3 Series Touring, offering a boot with a most extreme limit of 1,510 liters. The all-new model was presented amidst 2014, bragging an in vogue outline, a scope of clean motors, a lot of howdy tech devices and a sumptuous inner part.

In the UK, the greatest dealers will be the C220 and C250 Bluetec models however Mercedes will likewise discharge a C300 Bluetec HYBRID form in right on time 2015, which brags Co2 emanations of 99g/km – that is extraordinary for organization auto purchasers.
Mercedes C-Class Estate
Mercedes C-Class Estate
 The C-Class Estate feels like an extravagant and adult auto. It majors on solace and lodge quality, while the BMW 3 Series Touring remains our pick in case you're after the best taking care of. In going for a more loose character than the donning BMW, Mercedes has concocted an exceptionally attractive cosseting family mover.


Mercedes has made striking strides with the configuration of its latest models, and the C-Class Estate unquestionably slices a dash contrasted with its adversaries. As you would expect, it basically imparts the cantina's looks, so you get a substantial adjusted grille with an oversized three-pointed star, while swooping headlights add yet more show to the front end. Game models or more get full LED headlamps with unique daytime running lights.

Further back, the etched wings and entryways add dramatization to the look, while the developed top line of the domain mixes into a little bootlid spoiler and an adjusted tailgate. The Estate additionally gets top rails, which are done in chrome on Sport models and higher, while the tail-lights wrap around the back wings and bootlid. That tailgate is force worked on all models and, while its somewhat moderate to open, it does at any rate take the strain out of lifting it.

Move inside and the C-Class Estate is indistinguishable to the cantina, so you get the same excellent look and complete as you'll discover in the S-Class limousine. Once more, all models have a tablet-style shade focus support show and, while it looks a bit like a reseller's exchange expansion, its not difficult to explore, graciousness of the standard COMAND control wheel.
Mercedes C-Class Estate
Mercedes C-Class Estate
 Programmed models, in the same way as the one in our test, emphasize a segment mounted move, cleaning up and arranging for space on the dash, while the mixof sparkle dark plastics and metal switches includes a demeaner of robustness. All autos get simulated calfskin as standard, yet you'd be hard pressed to let it know from the genuine article, while the C-Class' fabricate quality can't be blamed.


Both the C250 Bluetec and C220 Bluetec are controlled by a 2.1-liter diesel motor, giving a lot of in-rigging execution. The C250 accompanies a seven-velocity programmed as standard, and in normal Mercedes design it smoothes out movements for a truly unwinding commute. Authoritatively, the 250 will go from 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds, while the C220 takes 7.6 seconds. At higher motorway speeds, the C220 battles somewhat more, taking now is the right time to execture overwhelms. Given the Estate model is liable to be utilized for trucking around heavier stacks, the all the more capable C250 is additionally fulfilling all-rounder, and prone to just endure imperceptibly in efficiency.

At the same time, while we've got no doubts with the execution we're not entirely certain about the refinement. Keep motor revs low and its OK however in the event that you're at full throttle or in Sport mode – where the gearbox clutches the riggings until the spur of the moment – the 2.1-liter unit sounds truly rough and loud. The C300 Bluetec HYBRID is a bit better; it has the same motor however its supported by an electric engine so it never is by all accounts working so hard. Most makers battle to make four-barrel diesels refined, yet the C-Class is disillusioning given how loose whatever remains of its atmosphere is.

The discretionary air suspension (£895 at the time of composing), gives a marble smooth ride on unpleasant motorways. Knocks are smoothed out to a tender skip at velocity however we discovered the framework gets got out over sharp edges and potholes when you're driving around town. Periodically you hear an uproarious crash and feel a jar in the lodge. In the event that you can't extend to the versatile set-up, don't stress, as the standard dmapers strike a decent bargain between body move and solace, just jarring over the roughest of UK streets.
Mercedes C-Class Estate
Mercedes C-Class Estate
 Taking care of is OK yet no match for the BMW 3 Series. Lamentably, the guiding is a disappointment. The wheel feels amazingly light, particularly around the dead-ahead, while Merc's Direct Steer framework changes the force aid as per speed and driving mode. Despite the fact that the reaction is weightier in Sport modes, the variable-proportion rack is conflicting and has scarcely any input.

With the air suspension set to solace, the C-Class inclines a lot into twists, yet changing to Sport to modify the motor reaction and suspesnion firmness does help things somewhat. Generally, the C-Class Estate is pretty much as fulfilled as the cantina in the matter of refined cruising, yet it can't match the 3 Series Touring for driving delight.

Unwavering quality

Mercedes' notoriety for assembling mechanically powerful autos is still in place, yet with the heap of gadgets on its new models, glitches are liable to end up all the more a reason for concern. The most recent C-Class is so new it is not possible have showed up in our Driver Power reviews, yet its as of now been reviewed for a directing segment issue as a prudent measure.

The Saloon was honored a five-star rating from Euro NCAP for accident security and its sheltered to expect that the Estate will likewise get good grades. That is on account of it accompanies seven airbags as standard, languor location, tire weight checking and footing control.

Likewise accessible is a self-sufficient stopping automation, path keep help and a web associate bit of programming that can call the crisis administrations to your area in the occasion of a mishap.

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